Eataly Is Heading to L.A., If D.C. Doesn’t Get One First

Eataly, NYC
Eataly, NYC Photo: Henrivzq via Flickr

Back in March, the city was electrified by the sudden news that a location of Mario Batali and Joe and Lidia Bastianich’s Eataly was in the planning for L.A. The news even seemed to surprise Lidia Bastianich, who maintained that Joe had been in town solely to shoot Masterchef, but since the idea had been brought up, well sure, they wouldn’t mind toeing the waters out here to see if an ideal space stuck out. It sort of feels like the whole thing was just wished into existence; someone writes about it and it becomes true, like the food-world’s version of Promethea. In an interview with Grub Street New York today, Eataly’s CFO, Adam Saper, illuminates the brand’s expansion plans and indicates that L.A. is most definitely on the map for a future location. That is, if we don’t lose it to D.C. first.

Saper promises, “We’ll definitely open in Los Angeles or D.C. before there’s another one in New York.” Then he dispels all of the early talk of an L.A. Eataly, countering the earlier words of the mega market’s own communications director. Saper admits, “The original L.A. location rumor isn’t true, but we’re actively trying to find something there.”

Obviously a West Coast expansion would be great news for food lovers. And who knows? It might even help some of our out-of-work actors get jobs playing “crazy Italian customers.”

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Eataly Is Heading to L.A., If D.C. Doesn’t Get One First