My Dinner With Barry

Dinner With the President Could Be Yours for $3, or Less

There might be ice cream!
There might be ice cream! Photo: Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images

Tomorrow is the deadline to throw your hat into the ring for dinner with the President of the United States. The rules are simple: donate a small amount here to the reelection campaign (or don’t — loophole alert!) and, well, that’s sort of it. The prize is beautifully vague: At some point, you will be contacted (maybe contacted by the Secret Service), flown to a hotel in the contiguous states (or Puerto Rico!), and then have dinner at an unnamed spot with the POTUS and three other winners, with whom you will no doubt share a deep and immediate bond.

Lucky winners should be appropriately steeled for background checks, calls to high-school girlfriends, and so forth; there’s also a good chance the whole thing might devolve into an interminable round of e-mail tag. If that happens, maybe you inadvertently introduced an element of “viruses, bugs,” or “unauthorized human intervention” when you entered? Sort of changes the Official Rules. Or perhaps he’s just not that into you.

These Dinners [Official site]

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Dinner With the President Could Be Yours for $3, or Less