Delphine Drops Seven Styles of Wings Every Tuesday

Sascha Lyon's
Sascha Lyon’s Photo: Delphine

The humble chicken wing is having a bit of a moment among L.A. chefs, who may have finally tired of toying with burgers. Ludo Lefebvre introduced a noble plate of masala fried chicken wings to LudoBites 7.0 and Roy Choi recently gave the crispy wings at Beechwood an update using a glaze of Chinese mustard. Now Sascha Lyon, the Delphine chef who came to Hollywood after cooking at New York’s Pastis and Balthazar, is running a wing night of his own every Tuesday night that features at least seven varieties of the comfort snack. Come see the menu.

Lyon’s chicken wings, kind of like his deconstructed burger-on-a-stick at The Taste, vary greatly from the typical Big Wang’s and Hooter’s style. Starting next Tuesday, September 20th, the chef will introduce a menu featuring such wing styles as honey sriracha, BBQ beer with green chile, Thai red curry, and truffle cheese, at $4.50 for varying portions of wings (see what we’re talking about on the menu, below), along with country sides like potato salad, baked beans, and slaw for three dollars an order and a honey bee cocktail for seven bucks and an early tea libation for six.

The only place on the menu that goes overly casual is the beer. We don’t want to drink Corona and we’re long over the ironic fascination with PBR, even if it is on draft for three bucks. In this great age of craft beer, we’d rather be sipping a Sculpin or Stone with our wings. See Lyon’s full “Wing Night Tuesday” menu below.

“Wing Night Tuesdays”
Starts September 20th at 6:30 P.M.


Honey Sriracha 4 Pcs.
Delphine Red Hot 3 Pcs.
BBQ Beer with Green Chile 3 Pcs.
Truffle Cheese 2 Pcs.
Thai Red Curry 4 Pcs.
Spiced Honey 2 Pcs.
Ranch Country 2 Pcs.

Extra sauce .50


Honey Bee $7
Easy Tea &6

Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Celery and Carrots with Blue Cheese


Corona $5
PBR $3

Delphine Drops Seven Styles of Wings Every Tuesday