Coffee Eases Depression in Women; Chicken Skin Has Its Moment

• Yes! We knew coffee was awesome: Research shows the more of it women drink, the less depressed they are. [CNN]

• O.C.’s The Lime Truck took the top prize in this season of The Great Food Truck race. Too bad Nancy Silverton’s duck leg confit wasn’t entered. [Redding]

• Thanks to companies like Domino’s, with their fancy new line of “artisan pizzas,” the word, which once implied laboriously hand-crafted wares, is losing its meaning. [LAT]

• If you hang around The Gorbals or ink.sack then you already know, chicken skin is a dynamic ingredient on the rise with inventive chefs. [NYT]

• Sorry Vinography, but the upcoming four-day Los Angeles Food & Wine event is not related to Food & Wine Magazine. That was last month’s four-day festival. We admit, it’s all very confusing. [Vinography]

• Remember the dude who ate at every restaurant in Zagat L.A. over fourteen years? He almost quit a couple times as he came to believe that the guide book was sometimes “f***ing with” him. [CNN]

• Food banks are facing shortages as the holidays approach. The Jewish Family Service’s SOVA Community Food and Resource Program is currently seeking more donations. [Jewish Journal]

• Pets are the latest victims of the down economy, with pet-food pantries (yes, evidently there is such a thing) struggling to meet all those mewling demands. [Your Life/USAT]

• As consumers crave new tastes, fast-casual restaurants are thriving, while traditional fast-food struggles; to compensate, big fast-food chains are offering aggressive daily deals. [ABC News, USAT]

• The Kosher-sandwich market has not worked out as well as Subway thought it would five years ago. [WSJ]

• Raise a glass to Josh Beckerman, a.k.a., the Foodie Magician, who can divine your favorite NYC restaurant with a series of questions (we’ve seen it done). [NYT]

Coffee Eases Depression in Women; Chicken Skin Has Its Moment