Donate Money; Help Local Food Pantries

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At Grub Street, we love this time of year: tons of restaurant openings, pumpkin beer, fall festivals where we shove fried dough and caramel apples into our gullet at an alarming (yet satisfying) rate. Meanwhile, food drives often happen around Thanksgiving. Which is why we were happy to learn about CJP’s food drive for the Jewish High Holidays, which begin next week.

The CJP’s Fast to Feed program needs donations for two local food pantries: Family Table (in Waltham and on the North Shore) and The Lucy & Joe Food Pantry (in Framingham). According to the CJP’s site, thanks to the recession, Family Table saw a 20 percent increase in demand for services during the last year, and Lucy & Joe now has 50 percent more demand. A bit of perspective: $25 provides three families with fresh produce for one month. We could easily spend that on a few hot-n-greasy food truck lunches.

Learn more and donate, if you’d like, right here.

Fast to Feed [CJP]

Donate Money; Help Local Food Pantries