Are You A Card-Carrying Member of Citizen Public’s Whiskey Club?

Whiskey a-go-go
Whiskey a-go-go Photo: istockphoto

Here at Grub Street, we tend to retain affinity cards of various persuasions … buy nine sandwiches, get the tenth one free; buy five coffees, get the sixth one free; buy nine burritos, get chronic indigestion … and so on. However, these cards tend to focus on innocent treats like wraps and lattes. Truth be told, we’d prefer free whiskey.

Lucky, then, that Citizen Public’s rolling out a frequent whiskey-drinker card complete with rewards, which means prizes for us — and that when the doctor asks us exactly how many drinks we enjoy per week, all we need to do is consult our wallets!

Boston Common notes that the restaurant’s “whiskey club” program allows sippers to sample more than 90 whiskeys; once that’s done, the intrepid drinker receives “a bottle of Four Roses Citizen Hand-Selected Single Barrel Whiskey, a whiskey glass engraved with their name and a complimentary ice sphere with every glass of whiskey ordered.” Sadly, we don’t think that you can pay for a meal with your whiskey-club card, though we’re sure people might try. The restaurant, ahem, also urges customers to pace themselves.

Nice to remember there’s two oyster places in Kenmore with fun cocktail programs!

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Are You A Card-Carrying Member of Citizen Public’s Whiskey Club?