Cindy Pawlcyn’s Brassica Opens Tonight in St. Helena

Do you know what brassicas are? Those who have dined at Saison in the last year might have learned via one of chef Joshua Skenes’s signature dishes: It’s the category of plant that broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower belong to, and part of the mustard family. And Brassica is the name of the revamped restaurant replacing Cindy Pawlcyn’s Go Fish, opening tonight in downtown St. Helena — a name that better ties in with Pawlcyn’s flagship, Mustards Grill. The concept is pan-Mediterranean, including dishes from Turkey, Morocco, and Greece. “For years, chef Darren McRonald and I have been experimenting with Mediterranean dishes,” Pawlcyn earlier told the Napa Valley Register, “and they hold a special place in our hearts.” Also, Pawlcyn is doing something unique with the wine program this time around, which includes the most extensive by-the-glass list in the Napa Valley.

In addition to local wines on tap and innovative cocktails, they’ll be featuring The Brassica 12, a list highlighting a dozen small-production Napa winemakers, all without tasting rooms. They’ll offer those wines all by the glass or bottle, and offer retail sales as well as special tastings.

The official menu’s not up on the site yet, but you can make reservations via OpenTable now.

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Cindy Pawlcyn’s Brassica Opens Tonight in St. Helena