Castro Mainstay 2223 to Shutter, Make Way for Jake’s On Market

The new owners called it the
The new owners called it the “no-name restaurant.” Photo: Facebook

2223 Restaurant in the Castro is one of those popular neighborhood restaurants that we’ve never been able to figure out. The prices are not cheap, the menu yawn-worthy, and the ambiance nothing special. Granted, it’s survived sixteen years in business, and at least one person on Check, Please! in the last year still loves it, so there’s that. Now the Scoop brings word that the place is finally getting replaced, after the holidays*, by something called Jake’s on Market. The name comes from the new owners’ teenage son, and the concept is American cuisine at a “more accessible price point.”

There’s no word on when 2223 will close exactly, but it will be closing for a brief redesign in the coming months. First-time restaurateurs Tim Travelstead and Brad Becker have not announced a chef hire yet, either, but they will be keeping the full bar (of course), weekend brunch, and will add late-night dining as well.

We’ll be on the lookout for upcoming plans from 2223 chef-owner Melinda Randolf.

2223 Restaurant on Market is morphing into Jake’s on Market [Scoop]

*This post has been corrected to show that 2223 will remain open through the holidays.

Castro Mainstay 2223 to Shutter, Make Way for Jake’s On Market