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Bryant Ng Brings Rice Bowls to Lunch at Spice Table

Spice Table's beef rendang rice bowl
Spice Table’s beef rendang rice bowl Photo: Spice Table

Spice Table chef and owner Bryant Ng sends over word that he’s expanding his lunch offerings with a short selection of five rice bowls and the wood-grilled short rib and sambal burger that blew eaters away at The Taste’s recent burger and beer bash. It’s quite a steal at $7.50, while fries with a curry dipping sauce will set you back $3.50. And how about these rice bowls?

Right now the bowls include a changing selection of two or three at a time that includes chicken curry with pickled cucumbers, scallions, and laksa leaf; a beef rendang with sambal, peanuts, and coconut; a fried egg rice bowl with char siu pork belly, fresh soy beans, maggi, and sriracha; a veggie rice with bok choy, shrooms, and shroom sauce; and a ground pork bowl with lap chong, mustard greens, and fried shallots.

The bowls, priced between seven and eleven bucks, sound like an enticing addition, if we can possibly avoid the temptation of the burger. Even if those size queens at Midtown Lunch are arguing that Spice Table’s new dishes are dwarfed by the rice bowls at Chego.

Bryant Ng Brings Rice Bowls to Lunch at Spice Table