Booze You Can Use

At Blue Inc., You (Yes, You) Can Play Mixologist

Blue Inc.'s Jason Santos, shakin' things up.
Blue Inc.’s Jason Santos, shakin’ things up. Photo: Fox

As mixology gains more recognition as an art and as a science, and as craft cocktail bars sprout throughout the city, it might be easy for the hoi polloi to get intimidated when ordering a drink. Ever-egalitarian Blue Inc. offers an approachable (and, um, possibly dangerous) counterpoint to the changing times.

With a new program called “Drunch Delight,” you can enhance your own milkshake concoction with liquor(s) of your choice. Works like this: Spike one of Blue’s out-there shakes (black truffle & butterscotch, for instance) with your preferred booze for $5, just like you did back in high school. Or enjoy lunch at the bar, order a burger of your choice, and get a flight of ponies, all for $15. Then return to work and promptly pass out at your desk.

And no, we’re not quite sure which liquor pairs well with black truffles, but we’re happy to spend $5 to have the freedom to find out.

At Blue Inc., You (Yes, You) Can Play Mixologist