Download the Chicago Gourmet App

There's an app for that now.
There’s an app for that now. Photo: courtesy of Chicago Gourmet

Chicago Gourmet is finally here. The massive culinary event, which features dozens and dozens of the city’s best chefs, is taking over Millennium Park this weekend. Hopefully you have tickets and know the schedule. But if you need a little assistance while there and don’t want to bother with those old fashioned maps with their pesky pages, Chicago Gourmet is offering a free iPhone app.

The app allows you to scan the full schedule of demos, tastings, seminars, and signings. Then you can mark your favorites and check out where they will be located. You’ll also be able to easily share the event on Twitter or Facebook — if you’re into that sort of thing. We’re also pleased to see that the app can even figure out where you are in the crowds, which will probably be most useful once you get turned around after that second or third glass of wine.

Download the app here.

Download the Chicago Gourmet App