Be a Game-Day Winner; Bring The Snackadium

Aww yeah, snacks!
Aww yeah, snacks! Photo: Courtesy of

Leading up to this season, football fans have gone through such a dramatic few months. But the lockout is over, the teams are picked and on Sunday, Philadelphians will tune in for the first official game of the season. Many will do so at a favorite bar. But for those who plan to attend or throw a game-day party, starting the season off with a bang is key. Sure, everyone will like some beer, and chips, and beer, and some wings, and even those little pigs in a blanket. They’re always a hoot. But what about going further? Further than you’ve ever gone before? This year, build…The Snackadium.

This rendition of The Snackadium was originally found on a site (thisiswhyyourfat[.]com) that to our dismay, no longer exists. Traumatic, we know. But luckily, it gave us this monument of saturated fat, and an entire website,, dedicated to the proposition that all snacks are not created equal.

The stadium’s outer layer is created with rice crispy treats. The field is guacamole, cheese dip and salsa. It’s lined with sour cream for the yard markers and Slim Jim goal posts. Potato chips, tortilla chips, Cheetos and Doritos cheer on Vienna sausage players wearing little cheese helmets.

Use the picture as a guideline, or do a variation of sorts. We’re pretty sure, there’s no wrong way to go about building your own. So have at it.

Be a Game-Day Winner; Bring The Snackadium