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Will Asian Small Plates be Boston’s Next Big Thing?

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We wondered this earlier in the summer, and now we’re beginning to think our prediction just might come true. Flashy Red Lantern has enjoyed unexpected success with its mix of small plates, sushi, and killer cocktails, as has Asian “tapas” parlor Owl Station. Meanwhile, Patricia Yeo’s more intimate restaurant, Moksa, is set to launch any day now. And, now, an upscale Asian spot from the Red Lantern team will come to Fan Pier, right next to the very flashy, also unexpectedly tasty Strega.

The Herald has it that the 12,000-square-foot space, operated by Big Night Entertainment, will be a “first-class and high-quality Asian-themed restaurant and lounge.”

We’re psyched: Boston definitely doesn’t have enough high-end Asian restaurants (Mantra never did quite work out). Thankfully, the slinky Red Lantern has proved to be an unexpected delight. (We’d expected a night-clubby disappointment.) If the food’s as good as what they serve there, coupled with a waterfront view, well …. our fortune cookie predicts major success.

Southie Waterfront to Get New Shrine [Herald]

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Will Asian Small Plates be Boston’s Next Big Thing?