Thankfully, Allston Cafe Is Now Refuge Cafe

Last month we rejoiced that indie favorite Allston Cafe wasn’t going to turn into a Starbucks (apparently, this almost happened). Now we rejoice again, because locally owned Refuge Cafe has opened in the former Allston Cafe space … and they even have a liquor license!

Thrillist paints a vivid picture of a well-worn cafe that “slings sammies, suds, and java amidst walls decorated with Maine barnwood, burlap coffee sacks, and a framed vintage poster of a WWI-ish soldier saying “Make Me A Sandwich”, so the only thing about to go over the top is the size of his thighs!!”

Um, anyway, the spot also has a liquor license, which means it can serve “spicy bacon Bloodies” in mason jars. Yum! As we noted earlier, the Refuge rescuer is local hero Jennifer Lee, who also runs Myong Dong bar. To our knowledge, you can’t get spicy bloody Marys at Starbucks (though we’re sure they’ve contemplated it); you can’t gaze upon portraits of Rubenesque soldiers, either. So we’re considering this a win all the way around!

The Refuge Cafe is at 155 Brighton Ave, Allston.

Refuge Cafe [Thrillist]

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Thankfully, Allston Cafe Is Now Refuge Cafe