Zabumba Becomes KikaFulo Brazilian Cuisine & Music

KikaFulo Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Zabumba has officially changed its name, as well as its color-scheme. The Palms Brazilian restaurant and nightlife staple has steadily been making the conversion to KikaFulo over the summer months under the guiding hand of Carla Burgos, sister to tragically slain founder, Monica Beresford-Redman, who has been fighting to operate this venue over many months.

Over the past few weeks, KikaFulo has undergone a major paint job, with massive pastel-colored murals on the exterior walls sortakinda giving the impression it was on its way to becoming another medical maconha shop (which one still might mistake it for come “Reggae Friday”). So far, the menu and the events schedule remain pretty much the same as Zabumba around here, but hopefully the new look and name allow the business to thrive without any bad juju from the past haunting it.

KikaFulo, 10717 Venice Blvd. Palms. 310-841-6525.

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Zabumba Becomes KikaFulo Brazilian Cuisine & Music