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Zabar’s Faux-Lobster Salad Quickly Renamed ‘Seafare Salad’

The crowds don't mind the mix-up.
The crowds don’t mind the mix-up. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

While 83-year-old Saul Zabar is escaping this week’s stress in Fire Island, his staff at Zabar’s is hustling to change the name of their now-notorious lobster salad, which is being interrogated for its distinct lack of lobster in the ingredient list, to a more accurate “Seafare Salad.” The price remains $16.95 a container.

“At first, Mr. Zabar was amused by all the press about the salad, and then he realized it might actually be something worth looking seriously into,” says Scott Goldshine, Zabar’s general manager. “Now he feels bad about it, and wants people to know that we never meant to mislead anyone. Whether or not crawfish can be considered lobster has always been a debatable issue.”

According to Goldshine, anything that previously read “Lobster Salad” is in the process of the name change, from the sandwiches at the Zabar’s Café to the website. What isn’t changing is the recipe: “Mr. Zabar loves that salad; he makes it himself. It’s his recipe!”

But did Saul pack a lobster seafare sandwich for the beach, or does it evoke too much tension? “I’m sure he did. Either that or white fish. Those will always be his two favorites.”

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Zabar’s Faux-Lobster Salad Quickly Renamed ‘Seafare