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XXX Shine White Whiskey Is ‘Deceptively Smooth’; Cucina Zapata Serves Up ‘Unexpected and Familiar’ Tastes

• Adam Erace writes that “the real star of the evening” at Cape May’s new Sea Salt was the skate Milanese. The “pretty perfect plate of food” was “probably the best preparation” of the dish he’s ever had. The “ratty and untreated” prosciutto served alongside the “smiles of seared cantaloupe” that came with the head-on prawns was “distracting.” [Courier-Post]

• In lieu of a proper review this week, Craig LaBan takes a look at the “hipster-legit” world of white whiskey, and of Philadelphia Distilling Company’s XXX Shine he writes, the whiskey is “deceptively smooth and has the aroma of fresh, sweet kettle corn.” [Inquirer]

• Thai-Mexican fusion truck Cucina Zapata, a Vendy award winner, serves a Cap’n Crunch-crusted tilapia burrito “sits at the intersection of the unexpected and the familiar” and the chicken satay and Thai short-rib tacos are a “delectable bargain.” [Penn Appetit]

• Like a “a little bubble of salty joy” on the tongue, East coast oysters at Fathom Seafood House were “definitely fresh, and well complimented by the splash of vinegar” for Two eat Philly. The fried calamari was “incredibly tender” and “neatly coated with a whisper thin breading.” [Two Eat Philly]

XXX Shine White Whiskey Is ‘Deceptively Smooth’; Cucina Zapata