Worst Celebrity Tippers; Psychic Fortune Cookies

• From Jeremy Piven to Usher to Rachael Ray, behold the worst celebrity tippers. [Short Order/Miami Times via Food 52]

• There’s a psychic in L.A. who will “read [a] person’s energy” and put her cosmic insights inside a fortune cookie. Of course there is. [Squid Ink/LA Weekly]

• In Dubai during Ramadan, fast-breaking Iftar feasts for the wealthy are often huge sources of food waste, an irony when many in the Muslim world are facing famine. [IHT via Reuters]

• Fork in the Road dug up more information about that Parole whiskey we mentioned will be made at Double Crown replacement Saxon & Parole. It’s a two-year-aged, 90-proof rye. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• Food-costs inflation is affecting Sysco’s sales. Yeah, well, it’s affecting everyone else, too. [WSJ]

Worst Celebrity Tippers; Psychic Fortune Cookies