William Werner Announces the End of Tell Tale Preserve Company [Updated]

The Rebel Within, Werner's much blogged-about breakfast muffin.
The Rebel Within, Werner’s much blogged-about breakfast muffin. Photo: Cooking With the Single Guy

We’re sad to announce that local pastry star William Werner, formerly of Quince, has called it quits on his venture Tell Tale Preserve Company. Werner and his burgeoning company have gotten plenty of stellar press both locally and nationally — especially for his breakfast muffin with the egg in the middle, called The Rebel Within (pictured), and for his novel baked-goods CSA — and earlier this year there were plans for a retail shop on Maiden Lane. Those plans were ultimately scrapped, and Werner tells Grub Street today that he’s dissolved his partnership with the Whisk Group, which had been the primary investor in Tell Tale. “The partnership has proved quite challenging,” Werner writes, “And despite making every effort possible to keep the business alive, we found our growth stunted.” He tried to buy Whisk out with new investors, but that offer was declined, so as he looks toward the next venture Werner has launched a site called Outfit Generic, where you can find links to press about Tell Tale, etc.

This means no more Rebel Within at the farmers’ market, you guys! The last Kettle Whistle afternoon tea event, from Tell Tale and Naivetea, will be on Saturday, August 27, and the very last pastry deliveries to Four Barrel, Coffee Bar, and Sightglass will be on Sunday.

Furthermore, Werner is on the lookout for new consulting opportunities, and new investors, and he encourages any and all interested parties to email him here.

Update: Werner assures us that though he may have to take operations offline for a bit, the Rebel Within shall return sometime soon, somewhere.

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William Werner Announces the End of Tell Tale Preserve Company [Updated]