Where to Get Cicada Ice Cream; L.A. County Fair Opens Saturday

• From cicada ice cream to ice cream ramen, the world’s wackiest frozen desserts. [Food & Wine via HuffPo]

• The health care of Haitian women has been neglected following the 2010 earthquake, a situation worsened by the practice of trading sex for food. [LAT]

• The L.A. County Fair opens this Saturday. This year, you may find a little Basque food beside your deep-fried frog’s legs. [Encino Patch]

• Just to make a horribly tragic story even sadder, it turns out that slain El Chavo and Garage Pizza deliveryman Juan David Vasquez Loma was saving money to send to his mother in Mexico. [LAT]

• The San Gabriel Valley’s Chong Qing balances Sichuan spice with delicate flavor, writes C. Thi Nguyen. [LAT]

• Towns in Vermont that were cut from food and water owing to hurricane-related flooding were airlifted supplies by the National Guard. [News 24]

• Today’s diet tip: Eat more slowly — it reportedly helps keep the pounds off. [New Zealand Herald]

• Irish tennis player Connor Niland has been suffering from food poisoning since Sunday, which has left him unable to compete at the U.S. Open. [Irish Times]

• You may soon be able to drink Starbucks coffee in the office: The chain will roll out single-serving K-Cups in November. Oh, facilities manager … [Starbucks Gossip]

• Speaking of coffee, Krispy Kreme is getting into the caffeinated-beverage game. Look out, Dunkin’. [NRN]

Where to Get Cicada Ice Cream; L.A. County Fair Opens Saturday