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What’s Next for Jerry Kleiner?

Jerry Kleiner
Jerry Kleiner Photo: courtesy of jerrykleiner.com

For the past year, it’s basically been nothing but bad news for Jerry Kleiner in Chicago. The restaurateur ended his relationship with KDK Restaurants after 20 odd years, and we’d repeat the list of closings if we hadn’t done that a half dozen times already. But today we read a story about Kleiner, and the word “opening” was actually mentioned! As some of his interviews had hinted, it won’t be in Chicago. So, where did he decide to open his next new project? Well, how about Detroit.

Crain’s Detroit Business reports that Kleiner is getting ready to open L’s Cheesecake Bistro in Greektown. Talking to the magazine, Kleiner said, “I feel Detroit is a blank canvas ready to explode.” The project will be in the Greektown Casino Hotel, and if it’s successful, there is talk about other projects in the Motor City.

High-profile Chicago restaurateur taking over Sweet Georgia Brown site [Crain’s Business Detroit]

What’s Next for Jerry Kleiner?