What You Missed at Dîner en Blanc Chicago

That's a lot of white.
That’s a lot of white. Photo: Dîner diner Dan Stout

Remember Dîner en Blanc, the self-described “refined foodie flash mob,” where guests dress up completely in white and descend on a space with tables, food, and drink? Well, we wrote about the incredible demand to attend the first annual event earlier this month, but totally forgot that it was set to take place this weekend until we noticed a series of people dressed all in white on the train. According to co-founder Jennifer Dunham Luby, the event was a success. Asked what food she brought to the event, Luby told us that she shared bread with three cheeses, charcuterie, tomato salad, Waldorf blue cheese chicken salad, cherry tomato plenta tartlets, and chocolate cake. Sound better than your own Saturday dinner? Luby pointed out that “other people had admittedly better menus.”

Those other “better” dishes probably included an ancho rubbed flank steak, scallop salad with hearts of palm, and sauteed duck breasts with swiss chard and braised celery. Check out this Facebook thread for many of the menus. Luby added that people “definitely seized the opportunity to collaborate.”

Couldn’t get in? Luckily, plans are already in the works for next year. For now, there are some great pictures online, but we think that the one above kind of explains it all.

What You Missed at Dîner en Blanc Chicago