What to Eat on the Wagyu Wagon Food Truck

Hopefully, you'll be seeing a lot more of Aaron Crumbaugh
Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Aaron Crumbaugh Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Last weekend saw something of a mini food truck summit at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest in Logan Square. Matt Maroni from the Gaztro-Wagon was on hand, along with the relatively new Taquero Fusion. But we were most excited to check out the Wagyu Wagon, which was making its very first public appearance. The truck was launched by Aaron Crumbaugh, whom you may recognize from season six of The Amazing Race. He ended up raising $10,000 on Kickstarter to outfit the truck, and on Saturday, we hopped on board with Crumbaugh, as he let us know what was coming up.

Crumbaugh purchased nearly 1100 pounds of wagyu for the festival, which he turned into fillings for tacos, burgers, sloppy joes, and even bánh mìs. Prices ranged from $3 for the tacos to $8 for the burger. Wondering how he cooked all of those dishes with Chicago’s strict food laws? Well, that’s because he didn’t. For the festival, vendors were allowed to have outdoor grills.

Crumbaugh plans to always cook the food fresh to order. The truck is freshly painted and looking sharp, but it is currently mostly empty inside. He’s set to add a six foot grill, along with a fryer, griddle, and possibly even a wood burning grill. He is extremely confident that Chicago’s restrictive food truck laws will be overturned soon, predicting that “around September” everything should be figured out.

With the festival over, he’s not sure when he’ll next be able to cook in the city, as the Wagyu Wagon will only make appearances at events where they can legally cook outside. In the meantime, the truck is confirmed for the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival on August 11 through 14. Check out its summer menu below.

The Wagyu Wagon’s Summer Menu [JPEG]

What to Eat on the Wagyu Wagon Food Truck