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What to Eat at the Revamped Black Sheep

The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep Photo: Blake Royer

It’s probably safe to say that The Black Sheep got off to a rocky start. Though it’s only been open for a little over two months, James Toland’s West Town restaurant has already lost its general manager and its kitchen staff. But don’t count it out just yet. In an interview with Chicago Magazine, Toland explained that the restaurant only closed for one night, and that he has already assembled a new kitchen staff and slightly reconfigured the menu. We got in touch with Toland this morning, and he sent over a copy of the restaurant’s new summer menu.

To be sure, the restaurant didn’t decide to all the sudden add a burger to the menu. At first, it’s hard to see that many huge changes, but Toland explained that the dishes now feature “larger portion sizes and lower prices.” The other change seems to be the disappearance of the $95 “Lux Tasting Menu,” with only the $65 “Econo Tasting Menu” listed as an option. Let us know if you can see any other big differences.

The Black Sheep Summer Menu [PDF]

Back in Black [Chicago Magazine, second item]

What to Eat at the Revamped Black Sheep