What to Eat at Outside Lands, Starting Tomorrow in Golden Gate Park

Outside Lands really is the foodie-est, bougie-est music festival there is, and appropriately so for the Bay Area. Shrouded as it often is in fog, the fest requires a good bit of sustenance and booze to get you through, and this year boasts a food and wine line-up even better than the last few years, with food trucks and new concessions aplenty.

Earlier we told you about the food trucks that would be gathering, and below we now give you ten things we’re most excited to eat on the festival grounds, in between and during sets. Also, don’t miss the Wine Lands tent, which is a happy haven for tasting good stuff from Ridge, Kermit Lynch, and rock-and-roll-related winery Claypool Cellars.

(Alas, it looks like Ti Couz, despite earlier committing to the fest, will not be bringing their Breton-style crepes back for one last bite.)

1. Chicken wings from Nombe

2. A “sporchetta” sandwich from the as yet unopened Salumeria (from the Flour + Water team)

3. Gilroy Mac (mac and cheese with gouda, pecorino, and roasted garlic) from Homeroom

4. Cheeseburger from 4505 Meats (one of the best in the Bay, hands down)

5. A deep-fried pickle from the Fabulous Frickle Brothers

6. A Carolina pulled-pork sando from the Southern Sandwich Co. boys

7. A chicken burrito from Gordo

8. A grilled cheese sandwich, any variety, from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

9. A slice of spicy pie from the Spicy Pie pizza people

10. A scoop of strawberry ice cream from Three Twins (as long as it’s not too damn cold out)

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What to Eat at Outside Lands, Starting Tomorrow in Golden Gate Park