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What to Eat at Butcher and The Burger, Opening in September

Opening Soon...
Opening Soon… Photo: courtesy of Butcher and The Burger

It was back in March when we first heard about Butcher and The Burger, a new Lincoln Park project from chef Allen Sternweiler (Duchamp) and partner Josh Woodward. Originally slated to open in June, we just found out that it’ll officially be ready to go in September. To help tide us over, the restaurant also released a menu (of sorts). Instead of ordering burgers by name, you’ll construct each one by picking from five different categories (bun, patty, spice blend, toppings, extras).

Sure, you could use this freedom for good and order the joint’s signature “House Blend Beef” on a brioche bun with salt, pepper, and American cheese; but, this could also lead chaos if you happen to want a wild salmon patty on a croissant with a curry-coconut spice blend, barbecue sauce, and sautéed foie gras. Though, now that we write this out, we kind of want to try it. Anyway, start dreaming up your favorite combination by checking out the menu below.

Butcher and The Burger Menu

Butcher and The Burger, 1021 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

What to Eat at Butcher and The Burger, Opening in September