What to Drink at 25 Degrees, Opening Monday

Not for children: Check out 25 Degrees' Spiked Shake.
Not for children: Check out 25 Degrees’ Spiked Shake. Photo: courtesy of 25 Degrees

Chicago isn’t exactly starving for new burger options, but if there is one thing that Los Angeles does know, it’s burgers. So, we are kind of interested to see what happens with the L.A.-based burger joint, 25 Degrees, which opens this Monday, August 29. First mentioned back in April, the chain’s name refers to the difference between a medium-rare burger and a well-done one. Along with burgers, look out for salads and some sandwich options. What else can you expect? Well, along with its Southern California sensibility, 25 Degrees will also be lugging along a lot of booze up to River North.

We’re having a hard time thinking of another burger joint in town with such a serious drink menu. Sure, you can score wine, beer, and cocktails, but there is also a range of spiked sodas, spiked shakes, and “adult” floats. Hilariously, the regular soda options are labeled as “virgin” offerings. The full food menu will be released shortly, but check out the drink menu below.

25 Degrees Drink Menu [PDF]

25 Degrees, 736 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654; 312-943-9700

What to Drink at 25 Degrees, Opening Monday