Walt Frazier to Open Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant

Waiters should be required to wear outfits like these.
Waiters should be required to wear outfits like these. Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

Iconic Hall of Famer and Knicks announcer Walt “Clyde” Frazier, who told Daily Intel earlier this year that the best meal he’s had in New York was grilled salmon with grilled vegetables at Bryant Park Grill, is now set to open a new restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen with Ark Group, according to the Real Deal. Clyde’s (the restaurant’s tentative, but also probable name) will anchor the TF Cornerstone residential rental complex at 505 West 37th Street; Frazier’s business partner on the project, Ark Group, also owns Bryant Park Grill. It was reported in March that Chanterelle chef-owner David Waltuck would be providing the menu for the very same space, which occupies 10,530 square feet of the building’s ground floor. So, what gives? Are the legendary NYC chef and legendary NYC basketball player, um, teaming up on the restaurant?

The answer is unclear. Ark Restaurant Group did not return calls for comment; they have, however, re-posted the earlier reports of the collaboration on their Facebook wall, labeling them “official.” Elsewhere, Waltuck has made appearances at recent benefit events under the double banner of Chanterelle and Ark Restaurant Group. The Real Deal reports that Clyde’s will break down its 10,530 square feet into dining, lounge, and sports bar areas, and that the restaurant will serve “classic American fare.” Some of Frazier’s sports memorabilia will serve as decor, and “TVs glowing with sporting events” will apparently add ambiance. Whatever is going on, the new restaurant is still on track for a December 1 opening. If this is a Chanterelle-meets-sports-bar concept, we may soon enough be witnessing a new era for both demi-glace and Buffalo wings.

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Walt Frazier to Open Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant