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Tony Maws: GQ Man

Meet him at Armando's.
Meet him at Armando’s. Photo: The Maws/Flickr

Further proving that Craigie on Main’s Tony Maws is well on his way to becoming master of the universe, today he makes an appearance in GQ, the same magazine that anointed us America’s worst-dressed city. So, no, he’s not modeling debonair menswear — he’s dishing about his hometown of Cambridge. Wanna know where the Beard award-winner goes when he’s not meeting Jonathan Gold while sopping wet? So do we!

Grocery-wise, you’ll find him at Savenor’s snagging “high-quality local meats” or at New Deal Fish Market, which is in the “everyday USA part of Cambridge.” When it comes to dining, Hungry Mother makes a killer version of fried green tomatoes, Armando’s slings real-deal pizza, and Central Square hangout Green Street is “not dirty, but it’s not pretty,” which won’t matter after you’re a few cocktails in, anyway.

“You’re a special breed if you live in Cambridge, and I’m proud to be part of that,” he tells the mag. Which means he’s not going anywhere, right?

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Tony Maws: GQ Man