A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Maws

Photo: The Maws/Flickr

The guy is full of surprises. Food Republic gives him the chance to reflect on his career — and the memorable moments aren’t quite what we expected, to say the least.

He met Jonathan Gold while sopping wet: The critic stopped in the night after the James Beard awards. “We were all tired and hungover and my staff was dousing me with buckets of iced water and I looked over and there he was in the restaurant eating. I did introduce myself to him, while soaking wet, and he seemed to be having a great time.”

He has no tolerance for drunkards, and boots them from his restaurant: “About five months ago, an older man who had had too much to drink. He was treating the managers poorly while waiting for a table.” So Tony kicked him out.

He’s all aboard the urban moonshine trend:
“When Sean Brock was here cooking for a special dinner, there was moonshine involved. We worked hard all day, and at the end of the meal, Sean brought out from his coolers what he had labeled as “Fermented Corn Consume,” and began passing it around.”

Oh, and his son has awesome taste in food: “In Mexico, there was this incredible taco stand that, even on the way to dinner, my wife and I would stop at. We have a great food moment with our son, who reached over and ate my tripe taco.”

What I’ve Seen: Tony Maws [Food Republic]

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Maws