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There’s Not Really a Three-Hour Wait at Temazcal; Red Lantern Is ‘Fake’ Fun

• Devra First doesn’t rave about Temazcal (we’d had high hopes for the waterfront spot). Be forewarned: “The hostess always says there’s a three-hour wait, and it generally takes less than an hour.” The idea of eating “barfacoa,” otherwise known as “tasteless and tough” barbacoa, makes us shudder. Guacamole is “slick,” not chunky. But all isn’t completely lost, what with “complex” salsa verde, tasty shrimp tacos, an array of tequilas, and “excellent” condiments to accompany chips. [Globe]

• First also previews The Salty Pig. Just across from Back Bay station, soothe “end of the day angst” with a pate “sammich,” a pig-part pie, or a simple glass of wine on the patio. [Globe]

• Blogging for Boston, Erin Byers Murray raves about the peppy newsletters from Central Square’s Central Bottle + Wine. “The newsletter amuses with its clever tone while getting quickly to the point,” she writes. [Boston]

• People-pleasing Red Lantern gets three stars from Robert Nadeau in the Phoenix. “Hoisin-tinged” sweet dip make duck egg rolls hard to resist; a “messy” Seattle roll, dabbed with “seriously hot” mayo, is “delicious.” Sure it’s wedged on a strange little street (Stanhope) between the South End and the Back Bay, and yeah, maybe it’s a “fake” Chinese restaurant, but there’s something for everyone here. [Phoenix]

• Lindsay Crudele goes to Roslindale to sample the wares at Seven Star Street Bistro; you’ll be well-advised to opt for takeout, as it’s a tiny space with no bathroom. We’ll call ahead for the eggplant tempura, “ear-shaped puffs with a chilied-up mayonnaise,” and a “soft, white” pork belly bun. [Phoenix]

There’s Not Really a Three-Hour Wait at Temazcal; Red Lantern Is ‘Fake’ Fun