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The Surprising Winner of This Year’s Donut Summit

Time to eat the donuts
Time to eat the donuts Photo: Lesley Balla

The rest of the country can have their Dunkin’ Donuts–with or without extra prostitution–we Angelenos are blessed to have donut shops on just about every corner. Ok, we use the term ‘blessed’ loosely, because truth be told, not every donut is good. Hell, some are downright bad. And that’s why we commend’s efforts to find the best in town via the 2nd Annual Donut Summit, which took place this past weekend. So who won?

We missed the actual competition, but we did get there just in time to see donut carnage–lots of crushed glazed and cakes, crumbs, a few empty boxes (i.e. The Donut Man’s), plus a few sugar-buzzed kids running around. And Elysian Park mariachis! Categories like Best Cake and Best Donut Filling were no-brainers, but quite frankly we’re shocked at the Best Overall winner. Really?

Best Raised Donut: Monterey Donuts (5930 Monterey Rd, Highland Park)

Best Cake Donut: Philippe’s The Original (1001 N. Alameda St.)

Best Donut Filling: The Donut Man’s fresh peach-filled donuts (915 E. Rt 66. Glendora)

Best Fritter: Earl’s Donuts (20429 Devonshire St., Chatsworth)

Best Frosting or Glaze: Monterey Donuts

Best Chocolate Donut: California Donuts; Chocolate Chip Bar (3540 W. 3rd St.)

Most Visually Appealing: California Donuts

Most Unconventional: Homemade vegan donuts, baked and brought by Jill Rogers

Roundest Donut: Philippe’s the Original

Worst Overall: Tang’s Donuts (4341 W. Sunset Blvd.)

Best Vegan Donut: The Righetous Fryers

Judges’ Choice Award: Stan’s Donuts’ peanut butter-filled (10948 Weyburn Ave.)

Best Overall Donut - THE 2011 DONUT KING: Babycakes (130 E. 6th St, Downtown)

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The Surprising Winner of This Year’s Donut Summit