The Roger Room’s Damian Windsor: ‘Suck it San Francisco!’

A cocktail at The Slanted Door
A cocktail at The Slanted Door Photo: Kennejima via Flickr

Remember the recent beef Sunset magazine stirred up between San Francisco and Los Angeles? As you’ll recall, San Francisco got its feelings hurt and then the magazine decided to settle it once and for all through a gimmicky cocktail competition that really wouldn’t say anything about those crappy Northern burritos or who brought the pop-up to California. Well, the dueling bartenders, one from San Fran and one from L.A., have finally been picked to duke this one out at the magazine’s upcoming Savor the Central Coast event in September in Paso Robles. So, who will represent these two cities?

The announcement isn’t due until next Tuesday, but we got an early word on the combatants. Erik Adkins from San Francisco’s The Slanted Door will face off against The Roger Room’s Damian Windsor, from L.A. The Slanted Door is Charles Phan’s sixteen-year-old Vietnamese mainstay, while The Roger Room is recognized as one of L.A.’s most ground-breaking entries in its recent mixology explosion. Both are fearsome competitors.

And just to kick this brewing rivalry off right, the event’s organizers pass us an inflammatory quote from Windsor on why L.A. is a better town than San Fran. Windsor says, “The coldest summer Mark Twain ever spent wasn’t in Los Angeles. 75 and sunny, farm fresh produce year round, and the beach. Suck it San Francisco!”

The Roger Room’s Damian Windsor: ‘Suck it San Francisco!’