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The Park’s Finest: ‘Barbecue Saved Our Lives’

The next generation
The next generation Photo: You Tube

Last month we noted that The Park’s Finest, Echo Park’s popular, Filipino-spiced barbecue provider, was looking to open a brick-and-mortar business in the neighborhood. Pleasure Palate shares some new details that the team wants to expand its concept to include more traditional Filipino dishes, while also having the place serve as a community center. There’s just one thing, though: They need money!

The ‘cue masters have started a campaign on capital-raising site IndieGoGo to find funding for their brick-and-mortar transition. “Barbecue saved our lives,” owner and founder Johneric Concordio says, while taking us back in the day in a video plea for funds, citing L.A.’s ultra-violent era of the eighties and nineties, when barbecue was an outlet to stay out of trouble for the youth in his circle.

Concordio is offering specials and discounts, and maybe even some names on the walls, for helping make his dreams a reality. Check out the video below and visit the restaurant’s IndieGoGo profile if you want to help.

Please Support The Park’s Finest BBQ - P.S. They make the best Filipino-inspired BBQ in town! [Pleasure Palate]

The Park’s Finest: ‘Barbecue Saved Our Lives’