Two Years and $300,000 Later, Felony Franks Gets a Sign

This is what we've waited two years for.
This is what we’ve waited two years for. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

We heard the news, but needed to see it for ourselves. After two years of operating on a stretch of S. Western Ave., Felony Franks finally has a sign. You may remember that owner Jim Andrews sued the city for almost $300,000 back in May, claiming that Alderman Bob Fioretti’s refusal to grant a permit for the sign cost the establishment loads of business. For his part, Fioretti believed it was a “a great concept,” but a “bad theme,” which glorified crime in the impoverished neighborhood. The court case is still going on, but Thursday morning the restaurant’s crime-themed wiener was raised along Western Ave.

The joint was packed when we stopped by, probably due to the fact that they were selling their signature “Misdemeanor Wieners” for only $1.50 to celebrate the victory. Though one can argue about the merits of the prison kitsch, all the customers while we were there greeted the news positively. And, for what it’s worth, the sign looks good — if a tad small. Either way, we now pronounce the Great Felony Franks Sign Controversy of 2011 officially over.

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Two Years and $300,000 Later, Felony Franks Gets a Sign