The Cost of Obesity; The Party’s On in Temecula

• Something to ponder before you eat that next Ding-Dong: Obesity costs some states $15 billion annually, mainly in the form of medical care. [Fox News]

• The Santa Monica-Malibu school district will not ditch chocolate milk, unlike LAUSD plans. Always have to be a little different, don’t they? [LAT]

• Temecula, which has long clawed for attention as a wine country, is becoming somewhat of a party destination these days. [LAT]

• It’s a good time to find dishes using beef tongue in L.A., with ten recipes currently rocking our restaurants. [HuffPo]

• Whole Foods will test some new Wellness Clubs, where shoppers willing to pay $740 for the first year will get nutritional evaluations and discounts on foods deemed extra healthy. [USAT]

• As fear of another recession looms, Europeans have been cutting back on food spending. [Reuters]

• Not even good enough for jail: Rikers Island was forced to throw away 14,000 Jamaican beef patties after the rancid meat made cooks nauseated. [NYDN]

• The film version of food writer Nigel Slater’s Toast will hit screens in L.A. this October. [LAT]

The Cost of Obesity; The Party’s On in Temecula