Teen Sentenced In Connection to Pizza Deliveryman’s Death; Triple-Double Oreos Clock In at 100 Calories Per Cookie

• FEASTIVAL enlists more than 70 of the region’s most highly regarded chefs, restaurateurs and mixologists for its fundraiser on September 14 that benefits the Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Festival. [KYW Newsradio]

• Comparing the violent actions that led to a pizza deliveryman’s death last year to recent flash mob incidents, a Philly judge sentenced the oldest member of the group of teens that carried out the attack to three to six years in prison. [KYW Newsradio]

• A 32-year-old single mother in England is aiming to become the fattest woman in the world. Currently she’s 52 Stone (that’s 728 pounds, Yanks), and she needs to double her weight to reach her goal. Twenty thousand calories a day should be helping! [Telegraph UK]

• Presumably for the non-vampire fan base, a True Blood cookbook should hit shelves in 2012. [HuffPo]

• Burger King has announced it’s ditching the creepy-looking king mascot and trying to go the healthy route, with a guacamole-topped “California Whopper.” [USAT]

• Mmm, snow cones. Saveur rounds up regional shaved-ice specialties for some Technicolor food porn. [Saveur via HuffPo]

• Introducing the triple-double Oreo, which clocks in at 100 calories a cookie. [The Street]

• Ethiopia is the latest African country with growing numbers of hungry people, thanks to a worsening drought. [AP]

Teen Sentenced In Connection to Pizza Deliveryman’s Death; Triple-Double