Taco Cart Sets Up Shop in Private Driveway, Kerfuffle Ensues

This probably isn't going to last.
This probably isn’t going to last. Photo: ABC 7

The street food revolution is not welcome everywhere, as we’ve learned. Santa Rosa killed a popular food truck gathering due to brick-and-mortar complaints; so did Napa; and Oakland has some weird food truck rules that have caused some recent troubles as well. Well, now a guy selling dollar tacos has set up his cart in the driveway of a house he’s renting on a quiet street in San Jose, and the neighbors are calling in the cavalry (or, rather, a planning wonk) to put a stop to this.

As ABC 7 reports, not all the neighbors are upset about the new taco concession on their street, which set up shop about three weeks ago, but some complain the guy’s customers are blocking their driveways when they park, and that he’s pouring cooking oil down the storm drain. Alas, this enterprising fellow, Nathaniel Chacon, says this is his only means of making money, and he probably can’t afford a permit. He may be giving others some good ideas — we especially love the tented seating — but he’ll probably get shut down in, oh, a few hours. So hurry down to Marsh Street and Lynn Avenue in S.J. if you’re hankering for a cheap taco, while he’s still in business.

Food Truck in Driveway Bugs San Jose Neighbors
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Taco Cart Sets Up Shop in Private Driveway, Kerfuffle Ensues