Step Inside Park Tavern, Opening September 1

We’re a week a way from North Beach’s big new opener of the year, Park Tavern (1652 Stockton Street). The new, 100-seat brasserie from the Marlowe team of Anna Weinberg and chef Jennifer Puccio is basically an expansion of what they’ve been doing at Marlowe, in a California-French bistro vein, but with more seafood and a larger menu. Also, they’ve got a full bar to work with here, and they’ve imported a wine director (Casey Doolin) from Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York. And as you can see from our slideshow, the design takes the former Moose’s/Joey & Eddie’s and cleans it up with subway tile, a black-and-white scheme, and leather banquettes. Also, there will be a 35-seat café section to the restaurant which will open onto the street, facing Washington Square Park.

And yes, the Marlowe Burger will make its way over here, too.

Check out our slideshow of the fresh interior, and stay tuned for menus and more.

Park Tavern - 1652 Stockton Street between Union and Filbert - Opening for dinner Thursday, September 1

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Step Inside Park Tavern, Opening September 1