Spago Won’t Permit Zsa Zsa’s Husband to Have His Cake

Lazaroff, shaking things up...
Lazaroff, shaking things up… Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

On Sunday night, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, threw an extravagant anniversary party to celebrate the couples’$2 25 years together. While the infirm actress watched it from bed, a bigger controversy standing between Von Anhalt and Zsa Zsa’s only daughter appears to have been played out over the party’s cake. While the prince had promised his guests that Spago would provide dessert for the bash, Spago co-founder Barbara Lazaroff had some choice words as to why it would not be a Spago cake after all.

Citing the battle of wills that prevents Gabor’s daughter from visiting her mother, Lazaroff told the L.A. Times, “Spago is neither providing a cake or any cuisine for this event whatsoever…I fully support Zsa Zsa’s daughter Francesca Hilton in her quest to have visitation rights to see her mother and to receive independent evaluation of Zsa Zsa’s mental and physical health.”

Apparently this animosity is really nothing new, as Von Anhalt was banned from Spago years ago, showing the man’s nerve in reportedly asking the restaurant to donate the cake in question (clearly he must have spent all his money on the $68,000 invite).

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Spago Won’t Permit Zsa Zsa’s Husband to Have His Cake