Preview of S.F. Street Food Festival Tastes, Like Wax Moth Larvae Tacos

Don Bugito's Wax Moth Larvae Tacos
Don Bugito’s Wax Moth Larvae Tacos Photo: Virginia Miller, The Perfect Spot

Last week, we talked logistics for this Saturday’s big street food shebang, the 3rd annual S.F. Street Food Festival presented by La Cocina. Today we talk bites that are new to this year’s fest.

A couple weeks ago, there was an early sneak peek dinner for media and select guests where we sampled bites available this Saturday and met directly with vendors. Food truck and street food favorites return, but there’s a couple new notables. For the first time, it’s not just SF. There will be six mobile vendors from across the country: The Peached Tortilla (Austin), The Arepa Lady (New York), Big-Ass Sandwiches (Portland), Skillet Street Food (Seattle), La Cocina grads Global Soul (Los Angeles), Ingrid’s Lunch Box (Madison).

Easily the conversation starter of the day will be Don Bugito’s (run by Monica Martinez) wax moth larvae tacos. Martinez’ mini-tacos are laden with garlic, pasilla chiles, pickled onions, and crispy wax moth larvae. No, there’s no funky taste nor even texture to get over: just mild, crispy little larvae. Some popped the tacos in their mouths without realizing what they were, others recoiled when looking closely, but to taste them is to be converted.

Rye on the Road is manning the bars at this year’s Street Food Fest. At the preview, they cranked out Lawrenceburg Swizzles and Spicy Palomas. We predict a festival hit with the Swizzle: piled high with crushed ice and a mint garnish, the snow cone-like fun begins with Wild Turkey 101 bourbon and maple syrup, tart and colorful with lemon and Bitter Truth Creole bitters. The Spicy Paloma brings refreshing heat with tequila, grapefruit juice, jalapeno syrup, and salt.

Though Azalina of Azalina’s Malaysian food previewed coconut chicken curry on green onion buns, other treats she is known to serve include chai banana fritters with her lush coconut jam, or vegan corn tumeric fritters. Whatever she serves is bound to be good.

Stop by for a few bites or purchase Passports ($50-$250) for discounts and cashless eating.

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Preview of S.F. Street Food Festival Tastes, Like Wax Moth Larvae Tacos