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Seamless Now Delivering Lunch With a Side of Bike Safety

Ready to deliver your lunch, safely.
Ready to deliver your lunch, safely. Photo: Randy Harris

Food-delivery site Seamless (don’t go calling it SeamlessWeb anymore, thankyouverymuch) is getting into the bike-safety game. About time, right? All those guys riding around sans helmets — how dangerous! But wait, the new initiative doesn’t protect deliverymen from getting injured; rather, it protects pedestrians from delivery riders. True, these dudes do often seem to be going the wrong way down a one-way street, and the one time we were foolish enough to ride a bike on Sixth Avenue we were nearly plowed down by a cyclist delivering somebody’s lunch.

The campaign asks restaurants to have riders sign a five-point “Pedal Pledge” saying they’ll stop at red lights, ride the correct way down a street, and other aspects of basic bike safety; participating eateries sport a small bicycle icon on the page where customers place orders. So, pretty basic stuff, and maybe one less reason to fear for our lives while traipsing about this city. Also, if everybody would stop being a jerk and start tipping these guys adequately, maybe riders wouldn’t have to be in such a life-threatening rush.

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Seamless Now Delivering Lunch With a Side of Bike Safety