‘Sandwich King’ Questioned by Sun-Times; Impatient Man Arrested For Throwing Change

• In a questionably salacious story, the Sun Times wonders how Jeff Mauro — the winner of this year’s Next Food Network Star — was able to score a taxpayer-subsidized condo eight years ago. The paper concludes that he had “political connections” to the development. [Sun Times]

• How long is too long to wait for a burger? For a man at a Portillo’s in Naperville, the exact answer was 20 minutes. After that point, he became angry and threw change at the manger. He was later arrested at home and charged with battery. [Sun Times via Chicagoist]

• Something called the “Portfolio Diet” that involves eating lots of soybeans, nuts, and “sticky fiber” may be effective in lowering cholesterol. [NYDN]

• New inspections find that Iowa’s egg farms are still not protecting adequately against salmonella, even after all those people got sick last year. [Your Life/USAT]

• Introducing cigar-flavored beer, which is aged in Spanish cedar for that smoky taste. [USAT]

‘Sandwich King’ Questioned by Sun-Times; Impatient Man Arrested For