San Mateo Restaurant Bartender Mauled By Pit Bull; Ringling Bros. Circus Launches Food Truck

• A pregnant Pacifica woman, Darla Napora, who managed the bar at San Mateo’s 231 Ellsworth restaurant, was killed Thursday by her own 2-year-old pit bull in a mauling that investigators are still trying to sort out. [Tribune]

• Here’s an update about David McDonald, that Mill Valley shopkeeper who lost a bunch of weight while spending three months in a Marin County jail when they wouldn’t accommodate his vegetarianism. Sadly, he lost his shop. [NBC, Earlier]

• Regarding Beer Revolution, the Jack London Square-adjacent bottle shop and beer tasting room which is run by a guy named Fraggle. [Oakland North]

• In case you missed one of the funniest items in months: A New Orleans writer discovers that the “lobster salad” at Zabar’s ($16.95/lb.) in NYC is made with fresh-water crawfish. Zabar’s has now renamed it Seafare Salad. [NYT via Grub Street NY]

• Now here’s some corporate mobile dining we can get behind: the Ringling Bros. Pie Car food truck, a spinoff of its circus train’s dining room. [NRN]

• Important news flash: While “The Situation” likes his Italian-American grub, Snooki loves Italian food straight from the source. [China Daily]

• A new preservative called bisin could keep vegetables fresh without refrigeration and allow milk and sausage to keep for three years on the shelf. Whoa. [Telegraph U.K.]

• Islamic Jihadists with ties to Al Qaeda are blocking food aid to some 3 million starving Somalians. [USAT]

• Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal has left his wife of twenty years for the “saucy” American food writer Suzanne Pirret. Scandal. [Telegraph UK]

San Mateo Restaurant Bartender Mauled By Pit Bull; Ringling Bros. Circus