Reed & Greenough to Bring Fancy Cocktails to the Marina in Late August

The vintage facade, revealed.
The vintage facade, revealed. Photo: Facebook

You may recall that Tortilla Heights owner Paul Owens took over the shuttered Gravity Room space (3251 Scott Street) late last year, and later held a contest to name the new bar he’s opening there. The project, which he’s described as an “old gentlemen’s club” with a high-end cocktail menu, now has yet a new name, Reed & Greenough, which Owens decided to go with after stripping the outside of the building revealed this very name on the vintage wood paneling underneath. As Eater reports, the name belonged to a nearby distillery, and the wood was allegedly looted from that distillery to rebuild 3251 Scott Street, maybe after the 1906 quake.

(We question the provenance a little, since Owens claims this was a vodka and gin distillery, and we’re pretty sure no one was drinking vodka around here in 1906, but we digress.)

Reed & Greenough is set to open August 22, and will boast “the fastest beer in town” with ten of these high-powered taps that fill a glass in two seconds. Also, there’ll be wine on tap, and ten cocktails, including five classics and five signatures using fresh ingredients, focused around gin and vodka.

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Reed & Greenough to Bring Fancy Cocktails to the Marina in Late August