Rascal Serves Sandwiches for Dinner, Open Tonight on La Brea

The new kid on the block
The new kid on the block Photo: Rascal

A new gourmet sandwich spot named Rascal opens its doors tonight on La Brea, taking over the troubled Shabu Shabu Ya/Noir space, whose owners must have been more than happy to sell when Sandy and Rebecca Clark made an inquiry one night while strolling by. Mr. Clark was, until recently, the beverage director at Chaya, while his better half was once the GM at long-gone Trump’s and a co-founder of restaurant delivery service Why Cook? The couple is joining forces to open this grilled sandwich “gastropub,” with help from such current cool kids as craft beer and boutique wines. So, who is the chef here and what’s he putting on the menu today?

Japanese Cooking with a White Guy’s Michael Bartley is in command of the kitchen at Rascal, grilling up six sandwiches for the launch like a fish and chips ‘wich combining a fried seasonal swimmer with dill tartar sauce, or a bacon and egg sandwich with triple thick bacon, cheese, and two eggs. In addition, there are analogous salads, small bites of PB & J and grilled cheese, three beers on tap (Napa Smith Pils, Allagash White, Green Flash IPA), and six to eight in bottles.

A blue cheese and sirloin sandwich might be the first option to make us veer from ink.sack come lunchtime. Oh wait, lunchtime isn’t really an option here. Rascal will be open Monday through Sunday from 5:00 to 11:00 P.M., making this the rare nighttime sandwich spot that doesn’t appear to be open for lunch. Fortunately, eggs and bacon on a sandwich sound like a pretty ideal supper to us.

Rascal, 801 South La Brea. 323-933-3229.




rascal burger 10
cheddar, tomato onion relish beef or turkey

chicken dijon 10
sliced grilled chicken, dijon butter sauce, cheese

fish & chips sandwich 10
sautéed seasonal fish, dill tartar, fresh chips

bacon & egg 10
triple thick bacon, 2 eggs cheese, dijon mayo

sirloin 12
marinated sirloin, blue cheese, caramelized onions

grilled vegetable 10
grilled portabella mushroom, seasonal veggies, pesto


chicken dijon 10
mixed greens, tomato, shaved onion, dijon dressing

sirloin 12
marinated sirloin, blue cheese, vinaigrette

grilled vegetable 10
portabella mushroom, seasonal veggies, vinaigrette


grilled cheese 6

pb & j 6

pizza 6

chicken & onion 6

vegetable 6

chef’s choice 6


pommes frites 3.5

sweet potato fries 4

tater tots 4

mixed greens 4

bacon 1

egg 1

pickles .50

dessert cups
brownie, lemon, pecan, or apple pie 4
all dessert cups come with ice cream and a bakery fresh bar of your choice:

Rascal Serves Sandwiches for Dinner, Open Tonight on La Brea