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Potbelly Sandwiches Move In on Tina Fey’s Turf Tomorrow

About to get her own Potbelly's.
About to get her own Potbelly’s.

Reps for Potbelly Sandwich Shop write in to let us know that their latest location (part of their sudden surge of New York openings) will officially be slinging sandwiches tomorrow — in 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s concourse level. Why is it significant that a national sandwich chain is opening in a touristy location? Because, as you’ll recall, Tina Fey — who we realize doesn’t shoot 30 Rock at its namesake address, but who we bet nevertheless spends a fair amount of time there — had some pointed words for the chain last year. (Aside: Why are all of the show’s stars so opinionated about food?)

Back in October, Fey famously (?) declared her allegiance to Midwestern rival Jimmy John’s: “I like Jimmy John’s better than Potbelly’s. Take that Chicago. I just sent a ripple through the Chicago sandwich community.” Too bad for Fey, Jimmy John’s is just about the only sandwich chain that isn’t opening an NYC location these days.

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Potbelly Sandwiches Move In on Tina Fey’s Turf Tomorrow