Fro Yo Wars

Why Does Boston Love Pinkberry So Much?

A few months ago we discussed the rampant proliferation of fro-yo shops in the Back Bay and beyond, particularly Pinkberry. Truth be told, we scoffed a bit at the retro treat. But we’re eating (licking?) our words, as apparently Boston’s Pinkberry branches are, like, the most popular … anywhere.

The Globe reports that Pinkberry’s Harvard Square, Newbury Street, and Prudential Center stores have consistently ranked in the top 10 of Pinkberry’s “more than 100 locations nationwide” since this summer.

Happily, Pinkberry attributes the success to Bostonians’ discriminating taste. “It’s a very foodie city. Special flavors like blood orange and salted caramel have had a phenomenal reception,” the Globe quotes Pinkberry developers as saying. Clearly, we agree. And, clearly, more Pinkberrys are slated to open throughout the area by the end of the year.

Time to step up your game, Tasti D-Lite.

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Why Does Boston Love Pinkberry So Much?