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Old Style Out at Wrigley?

Won't be home at Wrigley for much longer.
Won’t be home at Wrigley for much longer. Photo: spablab/Flickr

When Vienna Beef signed up as the official hot dog purveyor at Wrigley Field, it seemed like all was finally right with the world. Along with Old Style beer, the Friendly Confines once again had two Chicago classics for fans and shirtless young men to eat and drink (too much of). But there are worrying signs that Old Style, which has been the official sponsor since about 1950, might be pulling out after next year.

Obstructed View points out that details of the deal were outlined in the Tribune back in June, and that company hopes to “exit the ‘Cubs’ deal and divert this money behind Old Style Light.” If that wasn’t bad enough, rumors have it that the beer will be replaced by Coors Light. Fans are angry. Of course, we did a quick check with both The Cubby Bear and Murphy’s Bleachers, and you should still be able to satisfy your thirst for Old Style before and after the game.

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Old Style Out at Wrigley?