Odd Happy Hours Around Town; Love Lessons at Taix

• Rawesome owner James Stewart released on $30,000 bail, and he can no longer sell unpasteurized milk without a license. [Squid Ink]

• Odd, or just odd-houred, happy hours are scoring big with the cheap crowds, from an oyster “fire sale” to cheap(er) pints of the Champagne of Beers. [LAT]

• What else can you find at Taix, then aging servers, hipsters and French food? Lessons in love, apparently. [LAT]

• The economy must be looking up: Restaurants around L.A. are using Heath Ceramics bowls and plates, a not-so-cheap tableware option. [Daily Dish]

• Authorities in China have reportedly arrested 2,000 people and closed down 5,000 businesses following a four-month investigation that showed food-safety violations are still rampant in the country. [WSJ]

• In Kenya, amid food shortages and severe drought, camel milk is being looked to as a possible savior. [Inside Africa/CNN]

• Coconut water seems to be just another expensive gimmick, though it does contain a lot of potassium. [HuffPo]

• Before the commercial lobster season starts on August 6, divers are flocking to Florida for a two-day window that lets anyone who’s able to catch up to twelve of the crustaceans. [NYDN]

Odd Happy Hours Around Town; Love Lessons at Taix